Mission Statement
RotorWay International, the world's oldest and largest kit helicopter manufacturer, is dedicated to producing an award-winning, high performance, light helicopter offering top quality, comprehensive engineering and the most advanced technology in the marketplace. With an emphasis on professional customer service and a superior, continually improving product, RotorWay provides the rotorcraft customer worldwide with an affordable way to experience helicopter flight.



Introduction to the Company
Established in 1961 in Chandler, Arizona, RotorWay International is now the oldest and largest kit helicopter company in the world. With a well-established reputation for award-winning excellence, proven performance, comprehensive engineering, affordability and quality, the company is respected and admired by industry leaders and customers alike.

Though RotorWay International began in 1990, its roots are much older, grounded in a company called RotorWay Aircraft, which premiered its first kit helicopter model, the Scorpion, at the 1967 Oshkosh Fly-In. One of the forefathers of a new industry, this fledgling company was founded on the principle of providing the joy of helicopter flight to the common man.

As the company evolved, and the models along with it, the Executive model was soon born in 1980 and continued to be the company's premier model until the assets of the company were sold in 1990. A group of British investors, led by John Netherwood, purchased the company. Then, he set about getting the newly christened RotorWay International on its feet with the help of many of the previous RotorWay Aircraft staff and their expertise.

By late September of that year, the company introduced a greatly improved helicopter, derived from the original Executive, and called it the Exec 90.

In 1994, RotorWay International moved to a new 37,000 sq. ft. facility, which would house the entire company versus the multiple locations they were previously distributed amongst. Along with the modern, streamlined factory, the company also introduced a new and improved helicopter, the model Exec 162F.

In 1996, when John Netherwood decided to sell the company, the employees negotiated an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) arrangement to purchase RotorWay International. Rotorway remained employee owned until February of 2007 when the company was acquired by an ownership group led by Grant Norwitz, who first became acquainted with the company when he purchased one of its helicopters. He joined Rotorway in 2006 as CEO.

RotorWay International has sold helicopters in over 50 countries around the world and continues to be the unquestionable leader in the kit helicopter field.